Digital nomadism isn’t just a trend; it’s a shift in culture. Amid is the ultimate source for young professionals to embrace this new way to live and work. This generation is hungry to explore new cities and cultures and connect with new people along the way. Amid makes that happen. 
When brainstorming for Amid, one of the ideas that resonated with me was that of migration. Various animals migrate seasonally (caribu, whales, birds etc.) but none are as fascinating as the blue yay. Unlike many other bird species, the blue jay is considered a “nomadic migrator” meaning the blue jay’s migrational patterns are inconsistent and hard to track. With light and airy patterns and colors inspired by nature and the wide open spaces, Amid transports users right from the start. The branding package for Amid creates a sense of home wherever one may land. A full suite of graphic design assets allows for an immersive brand experience.
Project created at Hype Group
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