Every year, the City of St. Petersburg hosts a MLK Parade honoring the late Martin Luther King Jr. In addition to breathing new life into the parade from a visual standpoint, our goal was to increase the overall turnout of the event.
I helped lead the design team in the City's Marketing Department to partner with Pinellas County Schools to engage students to share their dreams with the community. St. Pete classrooms, along with the St. Pete Parks & Recreation Therapeutics Program, each received a three-foot tall letter to design and make their own, and together, the letters spell "D-R-E-A-M B-I-G." Students spent the last few weeks of 2023 leading up to MLK Day decorating their letters as a class and discussing Dr. King's dreams. From there, our team combined the letters to create a unified piece of artwork to display for the community to enjoy and feel inspired by the youth in our city. 
Project created at the City of St. Pete
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